Friday, August 16, 2013

One Lucky Family

Every once in a while I am amazed by a super smooth escrow. Usually there are glitches along the way, kinks to be worked out, but this one closing today is my smoothest of the year!

Great young family about to make Santa Clarita their home. And, I couldn't be happier for them!

They were referred to me by someone I've known for about 20 years. He knows my OCD tendencies and surely felt I'd care for them very well. And, over-explain everything to them too!

We had talked on the phone a few months back, a couple of things to work out on their FICO scoring. So motivated they were, it was cleared up very quickly.

Mr. Buyer had a poor experience years ago with an investment property. That was a big glitch, and surely must have created a bit of apprehension going into this purchase.

Only once in my eleven year career has someone found their home on the first day. That one, we found it, but looked at 75 more homes before we came back to it! No, not all in one day silly!

This family? First day out. Found it, loved it, slept on it, wrote an offer. Luck One.

We were a little leery as most homes were going out with multiple offers. So we wrote just a bit over list price. Several other agents were threatening (we jokingly call it that) to write an offer, none did! Luck Two. Their offer was accepted.

Inspections, disclosures, loan process. A.O.K. Some items came up on inspection, buyers were willing to accept a credit in lieu if repairs. We asked for two moons! Received the one we wanted. Luck Three.

Mrs. Buyer had to investigate schools, neighborhood, crime history. All came up smelling like roses. Luck Four!

I kept asking them, before we removed contingencies of course, 'Are you sure you want to live here?' Poor guy, I must have asked him 1/2 dozen times in a few weeks.

I could probably keep going with the luck of these kids (they're younger than me, so dang it, they're kids in my book), but just today we asked if seller was leaving something at the property. Luck Five.....yep, they sure are!

I've got to call escrow in a little bit to see if we've officially recorded into their name yet, but this really is One Lucky Family and I'm very happy that they trusted me to help them through this process.

Today is going to be a very lucky, and wonderful, day for them!
I feel so fortunate to have had the luck to work with them!

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