Thursday, November 30, 2017

It's Just One Rental Company For Now....But Robotic Agents?

I read everything I can get my hands on that's Real Estate related.....some I share, some I don't. Some I presume it's such grand news you'll read it elsewhere.

But this? Nah, you haven't seen this.....have you? Lemme know! 
Click below and see what you think!

It popped up in one of my favorite RE news sites and I was like whaaaat? So, I watched the cute little video. It appears it's a licensed agent sitting in her office instead of coming to the property. 

Trust me, I've heard the nightmares from friends of mine trying to get a rental agent to show them this makes sense. But still, to me, lazy sense!

I don't believe a robotic agent will ever be able to replace a live agent to BUY a home. I believe there are way too many things that a Realtor needs to be educated/experienced on to help buyers (not renters), find their perfect home. 

I read another article today about out of town buyers trying to find the right home to purchase before they move into their next city. That's a super big challenge. I recommend, and feel free to use an AI Robot agent for this, that you get a rental in the area you think you want to be in. A year later, you may change your mind!

At any rate, go ahead and use a less than diligent agent to help you find a rental...but be wary of one when you are ready to buy a home.

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