Friday, June 23, 2017

Fights During Your Home Buying Process - How To Keep Them At Bay

They are going to happen. A quarrel, a slight disagreement,
 possibly a full blown argument.

Maybe not quite like the picture, but expect some entanglement with your partner during the home buying process. It's a very stressful time in your life & when tension is high, the likelihood of a spat is higher!

I read an article this morning that said a couple that was together for 5 years or more were less likely to argue during the process.

Well, of course! 5 years, they are much more settled in the relationship. Much more able to handle stressful situations.

But, to help keep the tension at bay, no matter what relationship time-frame you are in...follow these simple rules.

1) Write a list, together & separate, of what you want in a home. A list of 10 things. Expect to get 7, expect those things to change as you progress in the home search.
2) Sit down with your lender...together....on this one together for discuss qualifications & what your monthly payments will be. Make sure you BOTH are comfortable with the numbers.
3) This is the willing to compromise. Funny how that's the most important part in any relationship, right? Compromise.
4) Patience. The biggest rule of all. Be patient. You can't force a situation to happen. 

I don't recommend compromising on your financial decisions. I do recommend compromising on your list of 10 items that you want in a home.

I don't recommend being patient to the tune of expecting to get champagne on a beer budget. But, I do recommend being patient....and find the right home.

Trust me on those 4 rules.....follow my lead...take my guidance.....we'll work together to keep the home buying process as fight-free as possible!

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