Tuesday, March 21, 2017

More Homes Should Have These

There are a few housing tracks in Santa Clarita that I've seen the pass through type of kitchen window. Or the ones that have a bar right outside the kitchen window for the same purpose, to make outside cooking/entertaining a bit easier.

These take it to the next level. 
Something that surely can be done after you buy a home,
 but I'd love to see the new construction homes put a few of these in. 
How About You??

For all those times my hubby forgets a sauce or spice while he's BBQ-ing.....instead of dragging open the sliding glass door, this would be sweet to have to pass it out to him!

I saw this in white too. Not sure I like the mini garage door look on this style.
 Like it more if it opens automatically though!

Now this? Love this.....lots!

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