Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Keeping Buyers & Sellers At a Distance

A huge part of selling a home or buying a home is handled with your respective Realtor. Seller has theirs, Buyer has theirs.

It's rare that the Buyers or Sellers meet until we're about to close escrow. Even then, it's not a common thing.

A couple of times this month I've been at a property inspection and the Buyers & Sellers actually have met.

Seemingly they got along very well. I recommend to clients not to get in the friend zone with the other party. Sometimes the friend zone becomes a battle zone.

Buyer/Seller meet # 1 ~ Buyer was super happy to be there, so excited about her upcoming adventure. Seller? Seemingly nice, but definitely would have preferred if we got the heck out of there. And, lo & behold, these Sellers declined to do any repairs requested by my client....regardless of how teeny-weeny the requests were.

Buyer/Seller meet # 2 ~ Buyers, their parents, me, home inspector, and Mr. Seller all meet. We're practically having a party it's so much fun. Seller and father hit it off so well they exchanged phone numbers and father offered to assist Seller with a couple of fix-its before closing escrow.

Now, on # 2, we haven't done our official repair request, but based upon the warmth expressed during our 'party', I'm thinking all will be well.

Here's to hoping the warmth continues to spread and doesn't go cold when Mr. Seller gets the Request for Repairs! Cuz, then? We're out of the friend zone for sure!

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