Friday, July 15, 2016

Good Realtors Are Aging Out of the Biz?

An older agent blogged that she felt like good Realtors were aging up and we'd have a serious decline in good agents helping people in buying or selling their home in the near future.

When the market is up we get more agents, when the market goes down, we lose agents.

Circle of life, right?

But some, like me, a 14 year veteran, keep working. I'm in my mid 50's, love what I do, so anticipate that I'll be still helping people in and out of homes for another 10-15 years.

Because.......I will live longer, as all of us generally are. And, a good Realtor, that loves what they do, will continue to help people even when some of the general public would consider retiring.

Planning is vital though. As I've been in the business longer, and am aware that I will at some point have to retire, I know that I want to have a younger person come in, teach them, and have them take over my clients in a manner that I want my clients to be cared for. The same way I treat them now, I want my successor to treat them as well.

So, if you're worrying that we older agents will 'age' out, fear not....the good ones will train more good ones to take care of you. To help you 'Keep Your WITZ About You When Buying or Selling Your Home'. That's my promise to you.

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