Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Santa Clarita Has Changed Since My Kids Grew Up Here!

They are 26 & 30 now. Well, dang almost 27 & 31 this year! But, they were here for 15 years of their childhood and their big complaint was 'There's Nothing To Do Here'. That was after they moved away. While they lived here we kept them very busy in sports!

But now, Santa Clarita Valley is always trying to make sure there are things to do to keep us happy and...of course....keep us in our own town.

I have an e-mail drip set up to send me upcoming events. I miss many, but these ones looked good enough to share!

Wednesday, January 20th, there is a 'Meet the Artists' at our City Hall! 7pm. 

For the budding artist? On the 27th, same time, same location....'Taxes & the Artist'.
Check this one out here ~ Taxes and the Artist

Oh, and don't forget...The Cowboy Poetry Festival is coming!
April 20th - 24th, selling tickets already!
Their check it out site is ~ Cowboy Poetry Festival
(I have to admit, after all these years living here....I've never been to this!)

There's ALWAYS Something To Do!

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