Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Since I'm Doing A Bit Of Redecorating Myself

Well, I always read the Houzz stuff anyways!

But, this mornings article caught my eye about things to do regardless of what we've been taught NOT to do!

We're putting in new flooring. The porcelain tile that looks like wood? Gorgeous! So, of course, wall painting has to be done. And, then yes, new baseboards. Yep, new drapes as well! Oh, today I realized I need a new light fixture in the bathroom as well! HaHaHa. It just keeps going!

Regardless, these couple of 'outside the box' ideas I am sharing. They suggested seven but I'm only bringing two to your attention.

Tile outside the bathroom and kitchen....AND, off the floors !! I'm seeing more and more floor materials on the walls. One client just bought a house with flooring on a single wall and it looked great.

But this? 

I'm not so sure about this! 

A bathroom or kitchen with subway tile. A laundry room, yes. But a den, bedroom, or living room? I'm not loving it. Maybe a different tile, a different color?

What about wallpaper as a kitchen backsplash? YES, wallpaper!

Yep, this one is wallpaper too!

A lot less expensive than tile/granite/stone.

I actually liked this idea a lot. You'd probably be best getting a water-resistant wallpaper. Make sure that the caulking is perfection. Remember to wipe off any excess water regularly.

So many different decorating options with wallpaper. Soooo much less money. Sooooo much easier to change it up when you get tired of it too!

What cha think? Do tell!

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