Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Would You Buy A House That Was Supposedly Haunted?

Oh goodness, I just read the funniest article! About a company that specializes in selling properties, that claim to be, haunted houses!

One of our local area seller disclosures asks if the home is stigmatized, or haunted. Most sellers actually laugh about it. One seller tried to tell me theirs was, but then started laughing and told me it was the neighbors remote control for the ceiling fan.

I did have an unusual haunted home though. Well, so says the buyer and the seller. Owners hadn't lived in the home for many years, they had moved out of state and turned the property into a rental.

I represented the seller on this transaction. A few months after closing I ran into the buyer around town and she asked me if the seller had mentioned if they ever had a ghost? I looked at her rather shocked but she calmly described that her young son, about 2 or 3, frequently had conversations with a nice man in their loft. Enough so that the buyers took it seriously. I called my seller and they remembered that their son, who at this point was about 9 or 10, had a 'friend' in the loft when he was a toddler too! Weird you say? I don't know. My only experience in a haunted house. Fortunately it was a friendly ghost. I've seen the buyer again around town since there and the loft man doesn't come around anymore. But, her son is now in that 9-10 age too. Gotta wonder about the history on that home and/or neighborhood.

But, the point of this story is....would you purposely set out to find a home that was haunted to buy and live in? Would you purposely not buy a home that you found out was supposedly haunted?

I'm curious what my readers think. Haunted or not haunted, would you or wouldn't you? Very curious!

~ Lauren Lefkowitz Greber ~ Realty Executives Valencia ~ Lauren@KeepYourWitz.com ~

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