Friday, July 25, 2014

Would It Be Zillia or Trullow?

Lots of buyers look, and sellers too, at Zillow and Trulia, Redfin, Realtor.Com, as sources to find homes and compare their existing homes to others.

That's fine with me! I have nothing to hide. I believe that everyone deserves to look at anything and everything they want.

But, I do still feel that the majority of buyers and sellers completely depend on a licensed Realtor to assist them in a home buying or selling purchase.

And...I know don't start a sentence with And......I believe that those are the ones that come out of a buying or selling transaction with less likelihood of any issues later. Well....that is if they use a good agent of course.

I'm not going to tout the righteousness of my chosen career. I know that my clients are much better offer....really MUCH better off...using me to assist them. I can't guarantee that with every other agent out there, but that's why mine keep coming back and referring to me.

I don't need to pay for leads, that's where my past service pays off. Treat people the way I want to be treated, protect them, educate them, make sure I do the best for them. I don't need Zillia or Trullow (LOLOL) to sell me their leads.

Going a tad off topic here. All I want to point out is that it would be easier for internet home searchers to have it all in one site. But, trust me, some other site will come along and say they are better than the combined big dogs. And (whoops there I go again starting with And), trust me yet again.....there will continue to be some ridiculous errors are their part. Their answer to those errors? They let any schmo put up information....if they pay to do it. They don't, however, verify it's accuracy.

Anywhohow, Zillow and Trulia thinking about combining. Surely a bunch of agents will be freaking out. Not little ole me though. I just keep doing an excellent job for my clients and they keep referring new clients to me!

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