Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Newest Want In Real Estate...Or Is It? You Decide.

Walkability....the buzz word that will start to fill sellers ears. Sooner than later. How walkable is your neighborhood? How close to the nearest park? How far to walk to Starbucks? Are there shops that you can stroll around and look at....nearby? Within walking distance? Or does everything need to be gotten to by vehicle?

Walkability.....does your home fit in that category? 

It's what the next generation seems to be looking for. The Los Angeles area is awesome for finding walkable neighborhoods. SCV.....not so much, just yet. We have the Patios at the mall, and Town Center Drive. But, how close are those to your home? We have lots of Strip Malls, but that's not quite the same as what the hipsters are looking for.

While SCV does have a ton of other great qualities, the hip walkable neighborhoods? Um, not so much.

I've been showing homes in Highland Park, Mt. Washington, Glassel Park, Silverlake, those kinds of areas that are showing gentrification and that have some really cute streets....where people love to wander. Walkable. Yep, walkability.

So, I ask you....does your home have the walkability factor going strong?

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