Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No Offer On The First Day?

The times are a changing! I took another new listing a week or so ago. Did all the pre-marketing considerations. Reviewed with seller the why's and what-for's about list price and what to expect when it first goes public.

But, Lo & Behold, this particular listing that I anticipated getting multiple offers on? Took 4 days to get the first one. After about a dozen showings too.

Great house, very limited inventory for this type. Always a popular floor plan!

But, yes, times are a changing in the Santa Clarita Valley Real Estate market.

I had an agent call me about it on the 3rd day. Asking if I had any offers yet? I honestly told her, surprisingly no. She and I both kind of laughed. She said she had the same situation happen very recently. Took her a whopping 8 days to get an offer on what she and her sellers expected to get in the first weekend.

I only share this with you as it's what is going on in our beautiful valley. San Fernando Valley is still hopping. Wrote 2 offers for a buyer there and although it wasn't the 27 multiple offers like early in the year, there were still 4 on one, and 7 on another. So, yes, I guess it's slowed down a bit too.

But, that's what happens. Inventory goes up, more to look at, not as big of a rush to throw the spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. 
Well, at least not quite as much of a rush as there was just last year!

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