Friday, February 21, 2014

Rising Prices ~ Rising Inventory ~ Less Competition

I'm pretty sure any Realtor that has been working for a few years is noticing this even without having to read the news.

Inventory has almost doubled in my main area of expertise. Prices are up. Interest rates are up. Some buyers are still hoping for the 'deal of a century' to pop up. Yeah, keep waiting.

At any rate, this morning I read an article that talks about the obvious fact that with all of these points, it should get a bit easier for a buyer to find a home they love and not get beat out by 14 other buyers!

Maybe by one, or two, but not a dozen. That note needs to be brought to sellers attention as well. You won't have those 12-14 buyers writing an offer, sight unseen, the first day it goes on the market.

So, for my buyers, you'll find your home with a little less frustration this year. And, sellers? You best be pricing your home correctly from the get-go or you'll be in our MLS' Price Change category with a red arrow pointing down instead of a pretty blue arrow pointing up!

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