Friday, September 13, 2013

When The Going Gets Tough......

We all know that old saying "....Then The Tough Get Going!" It will be applying to Real Estate in the next few years yet again.

I've been helping people in and out of homes for over eleven years now. Worked through several challenging markets. Kept my head above water each know why? Because I am one of the tough ones. And, I don't just get going, I keep it going....through Thick & Thin. Ha Ha Ha, another old saying.

I read an article this morning that talked about Realtors worrying about the upcoming market. Really? We are just getting out of one of the toughest market ....IN YEARS....and they are worried about the next market?

Know why they are worried? Competition. They are worried about all the newbies that will come into our market now that it's not full of Short-Sales and Foreclosures!

Can't stop them from coming. It's part of our business. But, I don't worry. I've built a reputation for helping people. I will surely lose a transaction or two to someones' cousin or friend or hairdresser that is a Realtor now. Well, that is calling themselves one.

I commend the newbies that come on and are dedicated to a job well done. I'll help each and every one of them if they ask. The ones that come for the quick buck.....Ugh.....there will be those. They will do a half-assed job and get paid for it. That annoys me.

But, I know that I'm doing the best job for the people that put their trust in me. That I always will treat them the same way that I wish to be treated. I can't worry about competition, I have to worry too much that my clients are being taken care of properly.

So this little chickie will be going when it gets tough....just you watch me!

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