Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Again With New Homes

Yes, I wrote a post ~ or was it a YouTube ~ about new home construction in Santa Clarita. We have several builders having a ball out here. And they are making some moolah.

I like it. If new homes are being purchased, old homes are being sold. The more for sale, the more people can buy while prices and interest rates are reasonable.

New homes out here often come with some extra property tax, so please make sure to ask about Mello-Roos, CFD, Landscape Maintenance....on top of any HOA's of course.

Lennar and KB, a couple that definitely build out here, have their stocks rising since last year. Good. Lennar only about 3.5%, KB, yowza, about 90%!

New home construction requires more employees. Good again. I love seeing people working, don't you?

At any rate, just a quickie to remind you that Lennar and KB are making some income, building some homes, employing some people, and creating re-sale inventory as well.

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