Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Get Your Head Out of You-Know-Where and Buy A House!

Great story to share! We've been dealing with multiple offers all this year, right? Crazy, over list price, no appraisal contingency, offers. Any agent working with buyers under 600k knows these experiences.

Well, it's stalled for sure right now. I expected it to stall this summer and it certainly has. What with increase in interest rates and growth of inventory, it was bound to happen.

Now, I'm not saying that there is any bursting of any bubble...I'm saying if you were tired of multiple offers as a buyer? Get your butt out there and write an offer! You might be surprised.

Awesome first time buyers just got accepted on their first offer! First one written, first one accepted! They wrote strong, clean, drafted a letter to the sellers. Did everything right. And, I just got the call that they are being accepted!

Shocking to buyers, listing agent, and myself that they were the only offer. Two others said they were going to but didn't. Were those other buyers thinking something better was going to come along? That there was 'greener grass' to be found? Quite possibly.

But, when you fall in love with a home, and it just feels right? Don't go looking for greener. And, this home? AWESOME!! Fits all their needs, great location, nice amenities! I told them either they prayed like crazy, got extremely lucky, or this is just the house they were meant to raise their kids in!

So excited for them!

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