Friday, July 5, 2013

A Buyer And Seller Story

Met with my doctor today. She lives out of my immediate area and knows I'm a Realtor so the topic of her new home purchase and subsequent sale came up.

She bought her replacement home about a year ago and is doing a lot of renovations. When it's ready to move in she will sell her current home and 'just hopes to break even'. I assured her she would have done well with appreciation if purchased last year, most definitely!

Now, onto the existing home. She did like many home owners, went into an open house in the neighborhood to see what her competition is and talk to the agent. She really wanted to get a feel for this agent...maybe have him list her house.

She honestly told the agent she lived in the neighborhood and just wanted to see what the home looked like. He was a bit rude to her after that. Poor dumb schmuck. Hasn't learned customer service 101 yet obviously. Or his momma didn't raise him like mine did me....treat people the way you want to be treated. Regardless, he lost the possibility of being her listing agent.

She and her husband are doing some things to prep the house so it shows the best it can. She seemed to be in a state of uncertainty about who she should have list her home and what she needed to do to have it ready for sale.

I didn't push myself on her, although I can most certainly sell her home for her as well. But, that may be uncomfortable for her since she's my personal doctor. I'm A.O.K. with the task, I get involved in very personal information with clients all the time.

What I did tell her is it doesn't really have to be a neighborhood specialist. Your listing agent has to be someone that can determine the appropriate list price based upon comps, amenities, condition. We all have access to that information. A seasoned agent knows how to determine the numbers based upon those items.

Most important is that you are confident in the agent's skills. That you feel comfortable working closely with them, as it is a close relationship.These things are vital.

The last little thing I mentioned as she was talking about the sealer her husband put around the pool? Let your agent come and tell you want you need to do to get top dollar for your home. Don't do things unnecessarily. Realtors see many more homes than the average person. We witness tremendously more reactions from buyers to different aspects in a home. We should be the main advice you listen to about what you need to do to prep your home for sale.

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