Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shut Up Already ~ You'll Never See These Rates Again!

I did a YouTube video about this too but I think it's funny so I am sharing in the written format as well.

I've had 3 standard sale listings hit the market this past week. Needless to say all of them are already under contract. Last one just yesterday evening.

All of them had multiple offers. Two of them I hosted open houses for.

One of the open houses a lovely couple came through that had done a short sale on their prior home a few years ago due to relocation necessity. They are now struggling to find a replacement property and she was chatting with me about how hard it is right now to find a home with the low inventory. Words were released via her mouth about rising prices....and she was whining a bit about it.

Any client that works with me knows that I tell it like it is. I tell you the truth in all scenarios. I don't mince words.....well, I try to lace them with a smile, but the reality of them still can sting a bit.

So, in my very truthful manner, I told her "Really? You're complaining? House prices are lower than they've been this last decade, interest rates are lower than I've seen in MY entire lifetime and you're bothered by that?" She seemed a little surprised to hear me not commiserate along with her.

Sheepishly she said she guessed I had a valid point there. And, honestly, I'm telling all buyers that right now. You are getting a smoking deal right now. You wouldn't have been able to afford anything like what you are eligible to buy now just a few years ago. Nor, even when home prices were at current levels and interest rates with at 8%!

So, drop the pity party! Save your dinero, put your best foot forward to make yourself a better, more attractive buyer, because that's what makes one persons offer get accepted over anothers. It's putting your money where your mouth is. And your mouth better have a lot of money coming out of it....instead of complaints!

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