Friday, March 8, 2013

Calling All New Homeowners ~ Don't Forget Your Property Tax Exemption!

AND, don't forget to check once you've sent in your Claim for Homeowners' Property Tax Exemption!

You can find the form here: L. A. County Assessors BOE 266 Form You can fill it in on-line, then print it out for mailing. Easy Peasy.

As a new homeowner you may get a notice from a legal looking company! You don't have to pay to complete this document, it's free on-line at the above noted link.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a jingle. I've done it, but I'll have to do it again because for some reason I don't have it on my tax bill. My title rep warned me about this so I'm warning you too!

You can check your property tax statement to see if you already have the 7000.00 exemption. It shows up near the lower right. Says EXEMPTION just to the left of the amount. It will only save you about 70 bucks, but why throw it away for filling out a simple piece of paper!

Isn't it nice to have another way to save some money on your home?

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