Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Distressed Homeowner Initiative Results

The Distressed Homeowner Initiative, first nationwide effort focused on fraud schemes targeting struggling homeowners, report their first year results and I'm happy to share them with you!

10/1/2011-9/30/12 Results ~

530 Criminal Defendants charged in 285 federal criminal indictments ~ YES!!

The cases involved more than 73k homeowner victims and estimated loss exceeding 1 Billion dollars ! Bastards! (Ooops, sorry...)

Other groups also filed 110 federal civil cases against 153 defendants identifying 15k victims and losses of more than 37 million. Can I say the 'B" word again?!?!?

The AG, FBI and FTC feel very strongly about making sure mortgage fraud is handled with more than just investigation and without hesitation. They want to "Ensure the integrity of the housing market, and to keep our communities safe."

Also they have forced into compliance almost 1000 websites and advertisers that were considered fraudulent or 'confusing'. Thank goodness!

 I've talked about this before, damn ambulance chasers ought to be driven over by one!

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