Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Round with Short Sales

As a working Realtor, and Certified Distressed Property Expert, in the Santa Clarita Valley, I've had my share of Short-Sales. The first was when Countrywide was still Countrywide...seems like eons ago. 

Most of this year has been working with buyers, but I'm initiating a new Short-Sale listing this morning, and another one in a week or two. 

Don't shoot the messenger the bank reps and myself say. I'm nice, polite, ask lots of questions....and they are nice and polite back. So far so good. Two loans, two banks.

My work is cut out for me. But, I'm a nagger, so it'll be best if they are ready for that up front.

When working a short-sale the hardest part is keeping the buyer interested. Shouldn't be too hard considering the lack of inventory.

Wells Fargo will work the Equator program. Love it, all uploaded and followed. E-Trade is the second, no history with them, but 'Bobby' over there was very efficient just answering the phone. We'll see if that follows through by sending me their short-sale packet.

Hard work is like food for me though, I thrive on it.

And a positive attitude ~ gotta have one!

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