Saturday, July 21, 2012

Technology and Your Real Estate Agent

Years ago I took a course that gave me the designation of e-Pro. Meant that I was as up to date as possible regarding technology and Real Estate.

Needless to say, technology is ever changing, and as an e-Pro Realtor, I keep up with it. Make sure your agent does too.

1) Smart Phone ~ oh, yes, we all have an Android or I-Phone, they are very smart.
2) Supra Key ~ of course, all agents (well, the ones that pay their MLS fees) have the key to open up those electronic boxes.
3) Laptop ~ if you want to lug it around, feel free.

and, therefore, the newest important technology device:

4) The Tablet ~ Android version or I-Pad. I love my Samsung Tablet!

Just got back from an inspection and was able to use it for reviewing a loan document....on a nice 10" screen instead of on our Smart phone....or the dreaded heavy laptop.

I can give it to my buyers to use the GPS while driving, so I don't take my eyes off the road and they can familiarize themselves even more with the surrounding neighborhood. They can Google the local school district for a particular property (Note, I said they can check the school). We can check the MLS instantaneously for the house we drive by to check status and price. Mortgage calculations are super easy to read on the Ap I downloaded. We can re-fresh ourselves on the interior/exterior photos of one while we are already looking at another. Again, all on that nice 10" screen.

Their kids can check their Facebook page....gotta keep those kids entertained while driving! And, you can find out what's around that's kid friendly too. Yes, just like your smart phone.....but bigger and better!

The best thing is the touch-screen signing. That's why I truly bought it for my clients. I can write up a contract while we are still looking at the house ~ sorta like in the olden days on paper ~ on my Tablet and have them sign right on the screen with the stylus I hand them. Every single document that we would have to write on paper or go to my office and generate from the computer onto paper, we can do from the Tablet.

When I meet with sellers, I can keep the documents started in my sellers on-line file, then complete and have them touch sign the tablet. Usually once we've agreed to a list price.

It's cost effective, it's efficient, it's environmentally friendly. I'll be implementing it more and more as I use it. Any suggestions that you have for what you'd like your Realtor to have at your fingertips while buying or selling a home, let me know. Needless to say, "Let me download that Ap!"

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