Tuesday, May 2, 2017

When Looking at Your Forever Home

Things to keep in mind. I hear everything when I'm looking at homes. With people of all ages.

Anyone that is close to my age, I remind them that getting older is right around the corner & to be aware of how long they plan on staying in this home we're looking to purchase.

Reading Houzz today and it reminded me about a few things that I hadn't thought of to keep in mind when looking at a home you plan to retire in or you are considering your forever home.

The above picture is a single family residence....not an old age group home.
BUT, notice.....a full covered porch with no step to get into front door. 
Great for rain and slower moving people!

This shower is beautiful. Yes indeedy. Again though, realize (thank you to Houzz and current clients) that the lack of entrance step makes it much easier as we age to get in and out of a shower!

And this....an open house guest pointed this out to me. Everyone....young particularly....love the laundry room upstairs.....until you don't want to climb stairs anymore! 

Just some food for thought!

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