Friday, May 26, 2017

Just a Story of The Week About E-Mails/Texts vs. Phones

In Real Estate all e-mails need to be kept for 3 years. Those actually are part of the transaction. Texts can be discarded. Phone calls too.

But, while I keep e-mails for important....don't tell me otherwise kind of info......texts are great for short responses.

Phone calls though? Those are important for tone. Not dial tone! Emotional, Attitude, Tone!

I'm working with an agent right now. She talks A LOT! So, quite honestly, I'd prefer to get e-mails or texts....unless I've got nothing else better to do than talk with her.

But, for some stuff, a phone call is just more important. Sometimes we can sound one way on e-mail or text, and it's entirely different than how we want to sound, so a phone call is vital to keep the transaction 'friendly'.

It's funny, not just in Real Estate....but in Real Life.....a phone call you can hear the other persons tone....e-mail and text....can be misconstrued easily.

Just sayin........

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