Friday, April 14, 2017

Some Should Just Hang Up Their Hat

This is a rant blog. So, don't read it if you don't want to hear me complain! I don't do it often, but there is a reason for the rant, and something you should know before you select an agent to represent you during one of the most important times of your life.

Just finishing up a challenging escrow. I am representing the sweetest buyers. Super nice couple with huge hearts. First time home buying experience. Worked towards this point in their life and trusted me to assist them.

We find a home they want, write an offer, get it accepted.

Now, any escrow will have a hiccup or two, the end is usually the most rocky. Final loan conditions, etc. Their lender was phenomenal, worked tirelessly through every hiccup involved.

My job is the heaviest in the first couple of weeks. Making sure the property is exactly what they want, no major defects, and that the contract is adhered to.

Herein is where this listing agent should really hang up their hat and do their other part-time business full time. Get out of my arena and stay out.

Reports due at certain times. If not, it can create a delay. Truthfulness is vital. If you screw up, hone it, and fix it. Don't blow it off. Don't ignore it. Don't lie about it. That will ultimately bite you in the butt. This listing agent did not do their job for their seller & it created quite the mess. The worst part? The agent just said 'too bad' basically. The Seller? Nicest guy. The agents guidance for their seller? The worst I've ever, truly, ever seen. 

I do a lot of nagging during the process. Generally I stay very polite, nice, but still nudge for what we need. This one was so bad that I finally just stopped responding to their messages. They were all b.s anyways. Thankfully there was a co-agent who cleaned up the mess as best as possible.

Moral of this story/rant? Pick your listing agent wisely. Find referrals online, ask the agent for references, check sales, are they full-time Realtors, can you talk to a past seller, any past clients that are willing to tell you how it went during the process? It will save you a lot of stress in the long me on that.

For me? If I ever see one of this agents listings again....I'll avoid it like the plague. If they write an offer on one of mine? They will be at the bottom of the pile. I don't want any of my buyers or sellers to go through this agents nightmare work ethics (lack of) ever again.

Okay, I'm done! 

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