Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Subject Is Likely A Repeat, But Important Enough To Do So

I'd truly have to go through all my old posts to see if I've blogged about this already. You reading this likely hasn't read ALL of my posts so here we go.

Patience is a true virtue. It's important in all aspects of our lives. It's very hard to be patient sometimes. With our children, spouses, co-workers. Yep, it can be hard.

I do ask you though, when buying a home for you, or you and your family, be as patient as possible.

I'm not saying snooze through looking at properties.
 But, I am saying, don't make yourself crazy.

Our inventory has been very low for the last several years. I can remember in 2002, when I started my Real Estate career, there were about 1100 active home available for sale at any given time. 

Then, well you know what happened. We dropped down in inventory, had tons of distressed sales, and are just now coming back to what some would say is a normal market.

In Santa Clarita Valley, my home base, we've had as little as 300 properties active in the MLS. That was for a couple of years too! Now we are hovering around 600-ish, give or take a few.

So, understand that your home purchase (or sale or course) is one of the most important times in your life. One of the most stressful too. And, can likely cause some panic if you miss out on what you think was the perfect home, or you consider settling....some is necessary of course.....for a sub-standard 'dream' home.

There is a buyer for every home. There is a near perfect home for every buyer. Just be patient until we find yours. I know, I know, it's hard. I've been a home buyer too!

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