Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Farmhouse Sinks ~ Add This To Make Them Even Better

A current client and I talked about Farmhouse sinks the other day. I think they are gorgeous. She mentioned two different kinds but, quite honestly, I can't recall the 2nd one!

As I read articles about housing, etc., one is about decorating. Needless to say, one this morning had a great idea about Farmhouse sinks and their installations.

These sinks were originally fabricated due to the need to conserve water. Brought in water in buckets, warmed up, and poured into these large sinks. They are designed to conserve every last drop of precious water.

The interesting thing I saw, and it could certainly be done with any type of sink, is the counter top having grooves carved into them. The grooves gradually go downhill, become larger, as they get closer to the sink. What a great way to keep all that dang counter top water heading back into the sink!


Depending upon the type of cook you are, they can be on both sides of the sink, or just the one. Right or left of course. Yes, the sink would need to be below counter depth of course!

I wonder if they can get grungy though?

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