Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What's Happening In The Market?

Depends on where you live. What price point the value of your home is or the price point of the home you are searching for is.

Santa Clarita Valley is still low on inventory, at 802 active listings today. How come some homes sit? And, others get sold quickly? Price. It's all about price.

I can market your home til the cows come home but if it's overpriced....it just won't sell. Trust me on this, no matter what price range your home is in.

The typical selling season is over but homes are still transferring ownership. I've got buyers looking, and sellers listing their homes. Until we are closer to a normal inventory, In Our Market, we'll continue to get buyers in and sellers moved on in a somewhat timely fashion.

Keep in mind that anything in the upper range, there are, of course, less buyers for them. So, those homes need to be carefully priced and marketed. But, those beauties priced well, under 450-ish...those are the ones that we have more buyers coming to look at. Which means more likelihood of an advantageous sale for a home seller.

I've probably harped on the subject of price before. But, we have comparable sales, we have appraisals, we have investigative buyers. We have to list property, market well, make adjustments as needed.....well, unless you just want to waste your time sitting dead on the MLS that is.

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