Friday, October 11, 2013

Sellers ~ What Are You Going To Do As Inventory Climbs?

Inventory is climbing. We expect it to continue to do so, yes? Of course.

This is just a quickie reminder to sellers that the days of overpricing a nasty home are going, going, gone!

The market is settling down. So what does that mean to a seller when they decide to sell their home?

It means you better be ready to get real. Best be ready to do some staging, hire an agent that can tell you where to put what piece of furniture in which room. What rooms to focus on. How to get the most bang for your buck. You know, the stuff we've hardly had to do much of for a while.

Well, quite honestly, I've always suggested to my sellers how to prep their home for sale. My favorite line? "You gotta pack it anyways." That seems to help.

When the inventory becomes higher, there will of course be more competition. You can prep your house all you want to look it's absolute best.

Will that make it sell for more than it's worth? Should you list high and bring it down? Well, from almost 12 years experience.....I say a big NO NO NO!!!

When we settle down into a more normal market....and we all know we're getting there....the most important thing you can do to sell your home is list it for the right price immediately upon deciding to sell.

Don't let your neighbors or family sway your good judgement. Don't let a greedy agent tell you your house is worth more than it is just so they get your listing then beat you up week after week to get price reductions.

I've had about 1/2 dozen stale listings in my dozen years of selling Real Estate. Stale listings...I'm unloading one now. First one in many years of course. Thought the sellers had some sense but listed too high. Then it's been a fight to get them back to reality.

It's not worth the fight. 
It's just like a stale piece of bread when you list too high from the get-go.
Nobody really ever wants it....
unless you drop the price so ridiculously that someone will find a use for it!

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