Saturday, June 8, 2013

How'd You Get That Listing?

Was doing a final walk through for one of my clients last week and as we were chatting out in front I mentioned, networking at it's finest, that I just took a new listing.

Told them about the beautiful large Stevenson Ranch home with tons of upgrades listed at $849.

Mr. Client says: 'How'd you get that listing?' I proceeded to explain the circumstances of the couple that referred the sellers to me. How I had helped someone in the past, and as I always do, kept up with them. Regular check-ins to see if they needed anything Real Estate related or knew of someone who did.

I like to keep in touch with people. Help them when they need help. Tis what I do, and it's how my mother raised me as well as how my Real Estate coach trained me.

Funny thing? I took a peek around Google regarding the referral source...and found the wife on a testimonial page for another Realtor's website! A well known and respected Realtor too. I guess she just didn't keep in touch. I don't know.

So, just sharing a story, if you wonder who I help buy and sell homes for and where they come from. Just a tidbit. When I call you, it's not about this moment, or maybe not even about your's about helping someone when their needs are Real Estate related.....and sometimes about other needs as well!

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