Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Are Prices Going Up Too Fast?

What's your thought on that one? L.A. Times says they are up 25% since May of 2012. In some areas most definitely. Even in SCV, some tracks have skyrocketed more than others. Someone surely has taken the time to calculate which tracks shot up how much, right? Mariposa's in Plum Cyn Saugus, competely Skyrocketed! Cypress Point in Westridge Valencia, not so much. I could keep shooting off different hoods, but doesn't really matter, it is what it is.

What can we do to get this increase to slow down a bit? Put more houses on the market, pretty simple. Have interest rates continue to climb. Yep, that's going to stall the appreciation we are seeing.

Or, should we just let it be and get back to 2006 prices? Homes buyers say stall, surely home sellers feel opposite. As a home owner, Realtor, and investor.....I'd honestly like them to slow it down a bit....yes, I really would. And you? What do you say?

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