Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Housing Improves Home Depot Sales

I shop at Home Depot, Lowe's, Orchard Supply Hardware. All of them, don't you? Just spent almost 400 smackeroos on some plants, pots, etc for the front yard over last weekend. And, they look beautiful! We upgraded our camper and it peeks out a little past the house so we put these in as camouflage.

At any rate, as housing improves, there is the trickle down effect. Home Depot noted a 50% increase to website hits, doubled mobile traffic and a 7.4% increase in revenue!

I would have to think there is a release of the breath holding, a slight, but noticeable sigh, a shoulder stress level downgrade, and a bit of a smile, with the changes we've seen in housing the last few months.

Don't go hog-wild, crazy, spending nutso just yet....but feel free to take a peek at the Depot and see if you need a new plant or two....or maybe even spring for three!

Enjoy the changes in housing....my clients are!

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