Tuesday, April 9, 2013

See, Told ya So!

Rude title, isn't it?!?!? LOLOL....nah, just honest. And, that's me. To A Fault!

At any rate, an article read in DSNews this morning talking about the rising prices on re-sale homes and now, finally, the stagnancy of rental values. The monthly amount charged is what I'm talking about.

I posted something recently, could have just been last week about when the investors stop buying in the market as values increase we will see more homes available for owner occupied purchases.

Now, to continue on that thread, as prices rise and rents stay flat...hmmmm, what cha think that's going to do with some of the rental properties out there?

Yep, those investors will calculate the value and hopefully go ahead and sell them instead of renting!!

If they elect to keep any of them as rentals, that's good for the tenants out there that don't wish to buy....your rent will finally stabilize!

This market continues to be one helluva ride!

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