Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seller Reminders

Pictures really do say a thousand words. It's the only thing the buyers have to look at once they leave the physical viewing of your home. Shouldn't they be the best they can be? I don't mean pictures that don't honestly represent the home, nope not that. But make sure they certainly put the best face forward. That's your job, the photographers job, and your agents job.

Go ahead, hire someone that says they'll take a few quick pics with their cell-phone and get your home on the market tomorrow.....if you want to.Or hire someone that has a professional Real Estate photographer on their team. Hmmm, seems like a pretty easy choice to me.

Some shots are hard to get. Rooms just don't work for the camera. But, remember to get the ones buyers love to look at over and over again.

Per Trulia's research:

(5) The Living Room (4) Oh, yes, The Master Bath (3) The Master Bedroom (2) The Front of Home 
(1) And, the number one picture buyers like to see? The Kitchen

Time it hits the market is key as well. Most agents should completely understand this. As should sellers. Please don't push your agent  to put it on the market tomorrow, when tomorrow is Sunday. If your tomorrow is Friday? That's the best day to put your home on the market!

These are reminders for homeowners considering listing their home for sale. It takes a bit of time to get a quality listing on the market. Lots of coordination to complete. Your home better be in perfect condition for me to put it on the market tomorrow!..... only if tomorrow is Friday and, only if I've had my photographer in for those 5 most important shots!

Your home needs to have it's best face on when getting ready to sell.
 Timing and photographs help the homes face looking it's best!!
Well, sometimes a bit of 'lipstick and mascara' help too!

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