Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Santa Clarita Valley MLS Stats February 2013

Yahooooo!!! We finally hit an active total of over 300 again. Well, it shows 301 at this moment, that is. Remember I include Santa Clarita Valley communities from Castaic to the north, Stevenson Ranch to the West, Newhall to the south and Acton to the east.

301 Active listings!

And, the breakdown as follows:

Active ~ 301
31 are Short-Sales
25 are REO's

Pending/Back-Up ~ 809
507 are Short-Sales
72 are REO's

Sold in the last 30 Days ~ 275
119 were Short-Sales
Only 39 were REO's

So, yes, we are selling everything we have, yes we are seeing less distressed properties and more Standard Sellers. California experienced a 12% gain in prices and somewhere I read this week we may see an additional gain of 10% this year!

Nothing is set in stone, but we are seeing appreciation. It's the law of Supply and Demand though. Keep that in mind, the more inventory we get the slower the appreciation will be.

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