Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3 Year History of SCV Home Sales

The Santa Clarita Valley home sales are strong. The inventory is weak, true, but sales are very, very strong.

Included in the following numbers are the Santa Clarita communities of Acton, Agua Dulce, Canyon Country, Fair Oaks Ranch, Saugus, Valencia, Westridge, Castaic, Tesoro, Stevenson Ranch, and Val Verde Park.

A 3 year history follows:

In 2010, full-force into the housing crisis, 3435 housing units were sold in SCV. 998 of them were SS (Short-Sales), and 893 were REO's (Bank Owned)

In 2011, 3407 housing units sold. 1049 were SS and 996 were REO's

In just this 2012 year past, where we are all excited that we are climbing out of the housing crisis, here in beautiful Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding communities, we closed 3836 sales putting clients into new homes. The number of SS was up by about 50% at 1521, and the number of REO's shrunk just a tad to 831.

Sales are up, SS were up, REO's were down. Thank goodness we even had all those SS in the market or almost 1/2 of those homeowners would not have been able to purchase a new home at these great rates and low prices. So, be a little thankful for those dreaded Short Sales, for without them we'd be in a very different housing market.

It's all the way you look at things.....your perspective of the good, bad, and the ugly.

 And, my perspective has always been a bit brighter than most.

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