Friday, September 14, 2012

What Will QE3 Do For Real Estate?

It's the talk of the news today. Federal Reserve to buy Mortgage Backed Securities at the rate of 40 BILLION per month. Starting at 85 Billion per month thru the end of the year, then going to the 40 Billion per month amount.

What does this mean for Real Estate? The interest rates are now supposed to be kept in this 3% bracket through 2015. QE3 hopes to help the jobless rate, the housing crisis, the economy in general is to be improved.

I watched a great video and read a couple of terrific articles. Google QE3 and you'll find out a ton of information.

To me, my friends, associates, means that rates will continue to be low and that will help people afford homes. 

Certainly not a miracle cure, none of the programs have been. Just another pill for the cure of the housing crisis.

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