Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wall of Shame? Funny, Interesting Read!

I honestly don't know where I read the article, but one this morning I'm sharing. "The Wall of Shame". I believe it was happening in Seattle?

At any rate, many of the homes that have been foreclosed upon, and remain vacant, are being posted on a website with bank information, etc. The city feels that these banks are not doing their due diligence in keeping the properties maintained as they are to by law.

I know a Canyon Country family that has one of these homes on their street and the bank has been less than responsive to their concerns, health being a huge red flag. The family has sent numerous letters to the bank to no avail.

So, this little city mayor has set up the Wall of Shame and is posting pictures of the homes. Citing the banks, placing liens against them if the fees are not being paid. Anything they think might make the bank stand up and take notice, they are attempting.

With all the Social Media Networking that Santa Clarita Valley residents do, we'd have a great tool for publicizing any banks lack of responsibility.

However, I'm not seeing the dilapidated homes now as much as we were a few years ago spread around our beautiful, albeit scorching hot, little valley. I used to be able to drive around and point out foreclosures around SCV, today not so much.

Fees were put into effect, $1000.00/day, as I recall, if the banks were not keeping the lawns, pools, etc. maintained.

At any rate, I think a Wall of Shame could be another way to help keep the banks in line. You?

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