Friday, October 7, 2016

Housing Market and The Winter Holidays

Just focused on Santa Clarita Valley and our surrounding communities in this post.

We've fallen below 700 active listings again. I checked yesterday and our total was at 677.

Prompted a thought to chat about this morning.

We didn't have an increase by the feds in September for home loan rates. Next meeting is in December, who knows what will happen.

What I do know is that buyers that are looking this last few months of the year are SERIOUS buyers. They aren't any type of lookie-loo, they are ready to buy now.

What I also know is that the new year will bring more listings on the market. Right? You all know this.

So, point of this blog post?

If you're thinking about selling in the next 6 - 12 months, consider listing now. You know the inventory is still low. You know that interest rates are still low. You know that serious buyers are out there. You know, right now, what your competition is.

Take a taste of the Winter 'snow', open your arms/homes to buyers, 
and let's get you moving!

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