Thursday, June 30, 2016

Some Sellers Just Need A Reality Check!

When a property is on the market for a while, and then re-listed with a different agent for the same usually means the seller is stuck on an unrealistic price.

Story of the week. Regular home, nothing spectacular about it, but my people like the floor plan. Model match with upgraded bathrooms but no pool or view closed in last 90 days (what appraisers look at) for 35k less, 5% less.

So, knowing the work that needs to be done, giving value for pool & view, taking away for original baths, we wrote an offer at the model match floor plan price.

This home has been on the market for many months. On and off, different agents......all about the same price or even higher.

Seller comes back "AS-IS, no repairs, no termite repairs, not a shred of concession and 1% off their list price"

I tell my clients....we all agree the seller truly needs a....yep.....a Reality Check!

Unfortunately for the Seller, the agent needs a Reality Check as well. Things that he said had value, I've taken Appraisal courses & been doing this long enough, just don't get the value they want.

So, the house will continue to sit. Someday they will figure it out. Someday a buyer will come along that either wants to pay more or the seller gets tired of waiting for their price.

For us? Onward & Forward!

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