Friday, December 20, 2013

If You're Thinking About Going Solo In The Sale of Your Home, Think Again

There is something called a FSBO (prounounced Fizzbo)....aka the For Sale By Owner.

We haven't had too many of these in years but I suspect they will start showing up again as the market changes next year. As sellers don't earn the same equity in 2014 as they did in 2013 they will seek ways to keep as much proceeds in their pocket as possible. Very reasonable.

That's a Realtors job as well. But, you knew that, right?

Did you know that a Realtor is the one that will really get you the most amount of money for your home possible? Want to know how?

Most buyers start on the internet for their next home. Online marketing isn't for the newbies. You need someone that knows how to create and follow through on the most effective internet marketing campaign to get your home seen by the most amount of prospective buyers. Right? Of course.

Basic information about a home for sale isn't quite enough. Different homes have different 'values' based upon their local market. Their local neighborhood. A seller will never have the information that a Realtor has to bring the best buyer to your home. Never.

Networking is the name of the game in many home sales. I had a buyer that had been searching for quite some time. We found a home, multiple offers, my client was selected due to a relationship I had with the listing agent. She wanted to work with an agent she knew, trusted, and would close the transaction on time. Another, same story, 9 offers on that one. My client was selected based upon my expertise known by the listing agent.  When representing sellers, I'll be the one that guides you on the reasoning for selecting one offer over another. Experience with the people that I work with, the years of reviewing contracts, the mistakes to be avoided. No seller will know as much as a seasoned Realtor will. Trust me. None.

Yep, it's one smart cookie that knows an Realtor will get you the most bang for your buck.

 Are you a smart cookie?

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