Friday, November 22, 2013

MLS Stats? ~ Not!

I've been sharing them with you for a bit but they are pretty much the same as last month so I shall not bore you with numbers today.

In our lovely little valley we have just under 600 homes, townhouses, condos, for sale.  Still closing about 300 every month and still very limited amount of distressed properties compared to a year or so ago.

So, that's not the topic today!

Topic is where we will be this time next year. Yes, I'm doing a little ball playing with some crystal.

I do think inventory will continue to climb. I do think prices will continue to rise. I also believe that interest rates with rise as well. However, all will be in very small increments. Minute amounts. Teeny little bits.

I probably have already said this, but I feel pretty good about my thoughts. I will be surprised if I am wrong. And, oh, how I hate to be wrong!

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