Sunday, April 1, 2012

Santa Clarita Valley Inventory Lower Still

Every day out of the week, several times a day, I'm looking for new listings for the 1/2 dozen buyers I'm working with right now. And, Santa Clarita Valley's inventory is getting lower and lower daily. I can honestly say, that in the last 10 years of selling homes here....I've never seen it this low.  And, let's be serious, when almost half of them are SS (Short-Sales), that paints a pretty dismal picture.

If you want to keep track, feel free to go to my Website @ and you can look at our MLS several times a day too......well, if you really want to.

As a Santa Clarita Realtor, that's been around for a while, I'm happy that I still have a business in this market. Lot's of others don't. And, when the active inventory is sitting at 734, we have to hustle a lot to get anything under contract for our buyers.

Now, Sellers on the other hand.....I'd be happy if I had a 1/2 dozen of those right now. But, honestly, I wouldn't have them for long. They'd be receiving multiple offers right out of the gate.

While I still believe it is a super time to buy in our lovely community, I want you to know that it is challenging and very competitive for a buyer. 

Any sellers that are just toying with the idea of selling, or have to relocate, I'm your gal! Let's run up this SCV inventory and race through the gate together!

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