Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Santa Clarita Valley 30 Day MLS Stats

The amount of Active listings in Santa Clarita Valley has shrunken since I last noted the stats here for you. But, the number of properties under contract has increased. And, yes that is due to the number of Short-Sale listings showing up as 'Back-up' position.

The joke had kind of been that what showed as active really wasn't. I believe more agents are following the MLS rules and noting them as in back-up position vs. leaving them showing as active when they truly were under contract.

At any rate, below are the stats of today:

Total ~ 894
of that,
405 are Short-Sales
142 are REO's

Total ~ 953
of that,
609 are Short-Sales
155 are REO's

And, Closed Sales in the last 30 days:
total ~ 241
of those,
86 were Short-Sales
74 were REO's

Still hanging tough with about the same number of closings per month. And, still about 60% distressed properties.

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