Saturday, December 17, 2011

Poop or Get off the Pot ~ AKA, Do You Really Want To Buy A Home?

Not to often I get a buyer in my car, write an offer, get it accepted, and the buyer changes his mind. Some I would say are due to buyers remorse. Jumping in too quickly. Something better comes up the next day. Things like that.

Then you get a buyer that you wonder if their motivation is really there. Are they happy renting, lining the landlords pockets? Or, are they really desiring home ownership?

I make sure they are qualified. I make sure they see everything possible in their price range. I make sure I educate them on the HOA fees, Mello-Roos taxes. Everything that may tack on their monthly housing expense. I ASK them to make their list of wants/needs/wishes.....sometimes I get it too late, or it needs major adjusting. 

I can't control their dreams though. That's the hardest part. And, softly popping the dream bubble is the hardest thing I have to do. But, we gotta do it now and again. 

That beautiful 3 + 2 priced at 175 when it should be 245? Really, don't count on it. That lovely house that should be 650 and is listed at 580?  Standard Sale....hmmm.....too good to be true, maybe?  Or, as another article I read today reminds me....the one that seems right on, pictures look great....but we can't get in to view? Don't hold your breath.

Keep moving forward.  Some clients have tight parameters and I value them. They understand that we can find something that fits and is in their price range, just we have to be patient. But, the ones that think they should get champagne home on light beer budget? Not gonna happen. 

So, it is, unfortunately, my job to burst that champagne bubble and pour the best light beer I can find.....that they can afford. Or, I have to ~ and quickly ~ determine if they really, truly, want to buy a home or keep getting the renters credit on their tax return.

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